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What do we really mean by independence?

There are some key symptoms of dependent but able learners regarding the level of engagement that students can have with high challenge. One of the most significant factors that emerged was a ‘learned helplessness’ demonstrated by students, which is characterised by a dependent attitude, and a lack of initiative. A good example of the dangers […]

What are the Subject Specific Big Ideas?

Generic guidance can be useful, but to ensure colleagues are on board with the more able education agenda it is essential to frame it in subject specific terms, which focus on the Big Ideas that define how a subject sees itself. And that doesn’t mean pointless complication, rather the reverse. What is it that makes […]

So why are the top performers worldwide so successful?

In England the top performers are according to PISA and the Sutton Trust almost exclusively in independent and grammar schools. Since those pupils perform far above those in the general run of schools and so few in this country attain PISA Levels 5 and 6 in maths and reading, it is likely that hardly any […]

How does G&T education justify its own existence?

Gifted education has many unfortunate associations for colleagues in terms of elitism, giving more to those that already have, the concept of chosen ones and the lack of focus on commitment. It also hasn’t appeared to address itself to the big “so what” and “why bother” questions. How do we frame G&T and how do […]

How can teachers encourage student independence?

Encouraging Social Independence As a teacher and learner talk about your own learning careers and histories, particularly the times when you yourself struggled to understand. This enables the students to recognise that you were not always the fully formed expert that you might appear to be now. Learn aloud and externalise your thinking, feeling and […]